About Us

SERVICES widely recognized as the innovators in introducing & establishing the latest Technology Products in Pakistan successfully. Services was established in 2010 with the aim to provide its clients with solutions that are not only technology oriented but also practical in their relevant fields. The company is striving for excellence by every passing day for becoming the no.1 company to offer comprehensive Green Building Solutions to its customers. Its management is experienced, professional, committed and goal oriented. Human Resource Development initiatives and Project Oriented approach is establishing the organization as a progressive and reliable partners. Services has developed a team of qualified professionals in different Engineering fields especially Solatube (Tubular Daylighting Device). We are offer services to both public and private sectors. We aim to achieve maximum productivity for our clients by offering innovative approaches at all levels and providing a comprehensive solutions. Services has also established a Research & Development (R&D) Department, where a team of qualified designers and engineers develop different types of products and solutions according to client  requirement.